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10 Ways to Minimize Unsolicited Junk Mail

It's the time of year when your mailbox becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of advertisements, catalogs, and other pieces of unsolicited mail. You're not alone - the United States Postal Service reports that over half of all mail delivered is now direct marketing material. If you want to minimize the amount of junk mail you receive, here are 10 tips that can help!

  • TIP #1: Reclusion's Guide to Junk Mail lists all the major organizations which contribute to junk mail and solicitations. Simply, visit the websites and request that your name and mailing address be removed from their direct marketing campaigns.

  • TIP #2: Go to the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service website and sign up. This will prevent most pre-approved credit card offers from being delivered to your mailbox. It will also remove you from some marketing mailing lists for a period of five years, but it does not stop all unsolicited mail.

  • TIP #3: If you receive a lot of catalogs, ask the companies to stop sending them by calling or emailing their customer service departments. You can also use the Catalog Choice website. This will keep the vast majority of catalogs from arriving in your mailbox, but it may not stop everything.

  • TIP #4: To stop junk mail from credit card companies, you can also call the toll-free number of each company to opt out. Just be sure that they're not offering something that you want and need! A universal website to stop pre-screened credit card application's arriving in your mailbox is OptOutPrescreen.com.

  • TIP #5: If you receive frequent postcards with real estate ads on them, call the agent or company to have yourself removed from their list. This may reduce the number of postcards you receive, but it won't stop them all.

  • TIP #6: If you get flyers or other advertising in the mail on a regular basis, ask your local businesses if they would be willing to put your name on their "Do Not Mail" list. You can also hand out flyers at local businesses with a similar message.

  • TIP #7: Use the "No Junk Mail" stickers that are available from a variety of online retailers. You can also make your own by printing out a message on some adhesive paper and sticking it to your mailbox.

  • TIP #8: If you get mail addressed to someone who doesn't live at your house, put an X through the name on the envelope and send it back.

  • TIP #9: For the most part, advertising "junk mail" is not as bad as junk email, because you can stop some of it at no cost to yourself. The best way to reduce unsolicited marketing emails is by using a catchall mailbox or an alias. This will keep many spam emails from getting into your inbox and clogging up your email server's storage space.

  • TIP #10: Be sure to check the "Do Not Mail" list on your state's Attorney General website.