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How to Mass Delete your Instagram Content

ikes, we've all had embarrassing photos we've posted and then later regret doing it. But, now Instagram lets you do bulk deletes without having to manually delete every photo - which took a lot of time to do in the past. Learn how to bulk delete your old uploads.

Unlocking Bulk Deletion on Instagram

In December 2021, Instagram started testing a new feature that lets users see all the posts, stories, and messages they've ever sent or received on the app. The platform initially started testing this feature with its younger audience, as they're more likely to be concerned about their image.

The Instagram Blog has announced that bulk deletion tools are now available to everyone worldwide. This means that you can now delete or archive all your content, including posts, stories, videos, and Reels. It also includes all your interactions, such as comments, likes, story sticker reactions, and others.

How to Bulk Delete Your Instagram Content

You can delete unwanted Instagram photos, videos, likes, and comments from the Your activity section. Follow these simple instructions:

  • To go to your Instagram profile, tap on the thumbnail of your profile picture in the lower-right corner of the app.

  • Next, tap on the three dashes in the upper-right corner to bring up the context menu on your screen.

  • Now, select Your Activity.

  • Now, you'll have access to plenty of options, but to bulk delete content, you only need to focus on Photos, Videos and Interactions.

  • Finally, review the content you do not want and select it.

If you want to delete a lot of content from your Instagram account, you can use the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.


These tools promise to give you more control over the posts and pictures that are seen by other people. You can delete posts and pictures that you don't want people to see, like old posts from high school or college, before they see them. You can also delete comments that you made when you were younger.