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Red Cross Hit by Data Breach Impacting 515,000 Individuals

The International Committee of the Red Cross was the target of a cyber-attack that resulted in the leakage of 515,000 people's data. This information includes names, locations and contact information for those who have received help from the institution. Victims of natural disasters, political prisoners, refugees, immigrants and relatives of missing persons are among those impacted by the breach.

The Red Cross first thought that one of its technology providers had attacked it. This was not the case, but security experts at Palo Alto Networks said a breach in an authentication module was how the scam happened. The scam involved stealing credentials and moving laterally across the organization's internal network to get the data.

The institution said that the information has not been published or is being sold by criminals. The data on the servers of the Red Cross was not altered, blocked, or manipulated. However, the Red Cross will inform people who were compromised about unauthorized access and best protection practices.

The Red Cross has released an official statement about the attack on their network. They say that the attackers gained access to their network in November of last year, but they only discovered the intrusion in January of this year. The organization does not name who they believe is responsible for the attack.

Robert Mardini, the director general of the International Committee of the Red Cross, said that he will ask private organizations and nation states to work together to protect systems and data that are focused on humanitarian actions. He believes that there should be a general consensus among all people that platforms of this type should not be attacked.

If you receive any emails, phone calls or other type of communication from someone asking for money related to the data breach, the Red Cross asks that you ignore and delete them without taking any action.